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Renter's Insurance

It's Still Your Home, Even When It's Rented.

Your home is not only a place to rest your head at night. You keep your valued possessions and treasured mementos in your house. Your landlord may have insured the structure of the property but only you can protect your personal belongings. That's where renter's insurance comes in.

GreatFlorida Renters Insurance

How is Renter's Insurance Different from Homeowner's Insurance?

The homeowner's insurance policy will not cover a renter's personal belongings or liabilities in the event of a natural disaster or another unfortunate incident. If forced to find temporary housing, renter's insurance will cover living expenses while you get back on your feet.

Renter's Insurance plans prepare you for the unthinkable.

What Does Renter's Insurance in Florida Cover?

In case disaster strikes, renter's insurance covers the following:

GreatFlorida Renters Insurance

Kitchen Appliances & Supplies

GreatFlorida Renters Insurance

jewelry & Clothes

GreatFlorida Renters Insurance

Bikes & Furniture

GreatFlorida Renters Insurance

Electronics & Entertainment Systems

GreatFlorida Renters Insurance

Liability Cases

GreatFlorida Renters Insurance

Relocation Expenses

What If Someone Is Hurt In My Home – Can Renter's Insurance Help?

Answer: Yes.

Whether you need to cover attorney's fees or pay the medical bills for those injured on your property, renter's insurance will provide the protection you need. The future is unpredictable, avoid the costly mistake of not purchasing a policy. Get a quote by calling 888-478-7801

In What Cases Will Renter's Insurance Cover
Damages of my Personal Belongings?

GreatFlorida Renters Insurance

Renter's insurance will help you recover whether the damage was accidentally caused by you, your neighbor or building management.

Set something on fire by mistake? Water damage caused by a neighbor? Experience a break-in? Renter's insurance will have you covered.

GreatFlorida Renters Insurance

If natural disaster damage effects the home you rent you won't be responsible for structural damage. However, it's on you to replace personal belongings.

With renter's insurance, you give your family the best chance to start over after disaster strikes.

How Do Deductibles
Work with Renter's

What is a Deductible?

The deductible is the amount that you agree to pay before your insurance policy begins to pay. It works in the same way as other policies. And just as with other policies, a higher deductible results in a lower monthly rate.

Are There Exceptions?

Due to the nature of hurricanes, deductibles are applied differently in the event that there is damage claimed. GreatFlorida Insurance Agent can provide you with additional information on how deductibles work.

Liability Claims

Deductibles are only applied in
the case of a personal property
claim. Liability claims will have
limits but not deductibles.

Flexible Payment Plans for You to Choose From

GreatFlorida Renters Insurance

One-Time Payment

Avoid multiple payments over time
by paying the entire year upfront.

GreatFlorida Renters Insurance

Quarterly Installments

Pay a deposit followed by
quarterly payments.

Build Your Own Customized Renter's
Insurance Policy Today.

Talk to a GreatFlorida Insurance Agent

Before calling GreatFlorida Insurance, take inventory of your belongings. Accounting for your possessions will give you a better idea of the total value you need to insure. A GreatFlorida Insurance Agent will be able to match you to the best renter's insurance quote for your needs.

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